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Whether you’ve been drawn to alternative therapies and New Age interests or to the more traditional route of counseling, support groups, and self-help books, you probably feel that you’re still pretty much in the same place you were when you started. The answer, however, cannot be found by doing—the answer lies in understanding.

“How,” you may ask, “can I achieve true understanding?” It does not require years of therapy, attending a weekend seminar, or even doing exercises from a book. Simply recognizing and accepting yourself for who you are, as you are, will enable you to experience the joy, love, and fulfillment that is your birthright.  

The Enneagram leads us home to the vastness of our heart, the clarity of our mind, and the groundness of our belly. We start not even knowing the sadness of the loss of ourselves, stumbling through our lives like a person half-asleep wandering in a fog. The Enneagram is like a trumpet, cutting through the fog, beckoning us to follow its call to a place that we don’t even remember leaving. The call feels somehow strangely familiar, somehow nostalgic, somehow magical. Heeding its call, we begin to witness The Mystery.

Jim Zamiska  

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By learning the principles of the Enneagram, I have learned to really treat my patients on a holistic one-to-one basis based on a method of true understanding. I would recommend it to all nurses.

 Terina Brown, R.N.


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